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Community Announcement - April Update

MilkRose H. CommunityHead of HProfessorStaff posted Apr 14, 17


Unfortunately, the staff who were working hard to release the update have fallen ill, and the update will not be released tomorrow. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause the current and prospective players of DPHogwarts.  We realize that our pre-determined release date was some time ago, and your patience has not gone unnoticed. During the first week of the official release(Date TBA), we will be giving our rewards. These rewards will include collectible chocolate frog cards, coupons for donor items and random drop parties.

For questions and concerns, please either make a support ticket, contact a staff member directly, or comment on this post and we will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

Again, we thank you for your patience,

MilkRose, Head of Community

Kelly_Jelly13 I'm very curious. What will be added in the update? Also, to the staff that are sick feel better!!
VoidPlayzz It's convenient for me because y'all banned me for no reason then ignored my appeal. This was two weeks ago.
rachelkate05 Too bad some of you are sick, I can't wait for the update, I look forward to more.

Teamspeak Replaced with Discord

[Co-Owner] wms98 H. AdminStaff posted Apr 14, 17

Hi guys, a quick note - We have now removed the Teamspeak in favor of Discord. The Discord can be accessed by scrolling down this page and clicking connect. We really recommend that you download Discord, but it is possible to also connect in your browser. We hope to see more of you on there soon!

Also, thank you for your patience in waiting for the server update, we really hope you will like it and in the meantime, we will try to answer any questions you might have.

wms98 (Head Admin)

VoidPlayzz Can't click connect ALSO it's past the opening-time
bigshoe12 Are prefects going to be re-chosen.
Baconater_1000 Nice. I like Discord better than TS anyway.

Hello everyone. We are currently whitelisted while we focus on game-breaking bugs. Please rest assured we are working our hardest in order to bring you a quality Minecraft experience. We thank you for your patience and support during this transitionary period.

At this time, we have no current ETA on when the server will be up but it shouldn't be long.

Have a great day everyone!

MineCraftSpy I Just re-Read so they mean "We don't know when we are Bringing the server back"
MineCraftSpy Oh, Thanks for telling me. I may have more questions.
MineCraftSpy What is ETA?

Community Announcement

MilkRose H. CommunityHead of HProfessorStaff posted Apr 7, 17


It has come to our attention that many issues have arrived on the DPHogwarts server, mainly ones that are involving certain groups of players. We would like to remind everyone that this server is a family friendly one that strives to make sure every student is treated fairly by both students and staff. 

Because DPHogwarts is a server that does not discriminate against any culture, race, religion or another trait, we cannot allow or tolerate bullying that is meant to demean another player. You are free to have your own religion, but this is a religion free server. Please do not try to force them onto another player or staff member. If you feel that you are being targeted in such a manner, please contact a staff member.

Similarly, there have been rising accounts of players being uncomfortable with certain subjects being taught in classes. If you do not feel comfortable in certain classes, please do your best to exit the class discretely (using /classes leave), and, if need be, message an admin or server owner with your concerns. 

Thank you,

Head of Community

Foiry This shouldn't have to be a thing -- people should know better! Ugh, people. It's great that you're out h...


[Co-Owner] SirJames D. HeadmasteProfessorStaff posted Apr 4, 17

Update: 7:30 AM EST

We are unfortunately going to need another day or 2 at most to get the server ready for you all! Hopefully we can get this all done very soon! 

Thanks for understanding 

Update: 6:00 AM EST

We have a huge error we need to sift through, as well as new shops, so we are going to need one more day. Since it is far past our pre-determined release date and for everyone's patience we will be giving out special items/rewards made specifically for the first week of the release and your patience! These rewards will also include random drop parties, collectible chocolate frog cards, and huge donor coupons for all packages.

Thank you all,


NeverForget #BlameItOnDylan

Update: 4:30 AM EST

Peeves has tried to throw every bug, error and every obstacle he can think of, but taking a parchment out of the late Remus' briefcase we've just been sticking gum up Peeves nose. So, as of now the server is still a little too shaky for sturdy release and we are working on our major adjustments, will be keeping you all updated as we go!

Update: 10:30 PM EST

Had a small texture pack issue. Working through it and the issues that are all developer and admin jargon; however, we will be finished tonight and will release 7 AM EST. 


The server is undergoing maintenance until the server's update is finished and the team has fixed all primary issues and watched over the update from Minecraft's 1.8 version to it's newest 1.11 version to ensure it's success. We may be offline or whitelisted until mid-day or afternoon (EST). Thank you as the community for your patience and the team can't wait to watch everyone begin again with the new releases and plans for the future

Rexxae8 When is it going on again?
VoidPlayzz What's jargon?
Djcasso Super hyped for the server! Take as much time as you need! I hope it comes back in time for my birthday next sunday. It ...
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